What is Tapeke?
Tapeke (pronounced 'dah-pee-key') is a Maori-Polynesian word meaning "total," "balance," or "sum of all leaving none behind." It's also a method of tree-climbing where the climber wraps their arms and legs around the trunk of the tree to grip and ascend toward the delicious fruits above. So what does this have to do with cryptocurrencies?

Before Tapeke

If you're like most bitcoin users, you probably have more than one bitcoin wallet and dozens of addresses. The more you use bitcoin, the more wallets and addresses you need!

Before long, you've got bitcoins and altcoins scattered all over the web, on multiple machines, thumb drives, and paper wallets. Wouldn't it be great if everything could be in one place and you could wrap your arms around all your crypto-accounts at the touch of a button? Yeah, we thought so too!

After Tapeke

Tapeke makes the task of managing all your coins incredibly convenient and enjoyable!

You'll instantly be able to view your balances, analyze in-depth charts and stats, track earnings and expenses, store fiat conversion rates, add notes and other relevant data, manage contacts, categorize transactions, and much more.

You'll be blown away with how easy and fun Tapeke is to use. Managing finances has never been so friendly!

Client-side Encryption
At Tapeke, user privacy is our utmost concern. If you don’t want to trust us, you don’t have to!
Detailed Statistics
Tapeke shows you everything going on with your crypto-funds with user-friendly charts, tables, and stats.
Private Keys Stay Private
Tapeke is on a strict diet. NO PRIVATE KEYS. Tapeke only eats fruit and public keys.

Multiple Wallets
Do you need to see all your wallets in one place for a change? Of course you do. Oh, you have 100,000,000 public addresses? Right this way.
Data Made Simple
Auto-generated transaction details to keep you informed at a glance.
Personal Notes
Ever wanted to add data to your transactions, but keep it off the public block chain? Well, now you can!
..it's almost ready!

Our team is working 26 hours/day to launch as soon as possible. We’re super excited to deliver Tapeke to the Bitcoin Community, and we know the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole needs this app.

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Meet our team
Each of us are intensely enthusiastic about cryptocurrency. We’re convinced this stuff is going to change the world!

Development of Tapeke is fully funded with Bitcoin, and all team members’ salaries are paid in Bitcoin.

Tapeke is a 100% unbanked startup!

We are striving to provide a product that is just as magnificent as the community we hope it can serve. We look forward to sharing our hard work with you all very soon. Stay tuned!

Nicolò Maria Lazzarin
Founder & CEO
Michal Klujszo
Nate Strauser
Technical Consultant
Barbara Pietraszewska
UX Designer
Michal Jarco
Senior Developer
Agata Tyśnicka
Junior Developer
Aaron Quinn
Creative Designer
Will Pangman
James Wilson
Wendell Davis
Francesco Matteini
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