Frequently Asked Questions

Signing up

Can I use Tapeke for free?

Yes. Just like Bitcoin itself, the only barrier to using our service is access to an Internet connection.


Is an email address required to sign up?

Nope. Building an email list is not our priority. Preserving user choice, privacy and security are what we’re focused on. If you choose to share your email with us, we will only use this information to send you newsletters or to reset a forgotten password (only with Simple Encryption).


Can I customize date and number format?

Of course. Just visit My Account > Profile.

 Can I change my username?

Unfortunately, not. Although, we hope to add this feature in a later version.


Can I change my password?

Sure, just go to My Account > Password.


Can Tapeke read any of the data users store with them?

Tapeke cannot decrypt user data if Medium Encryption or Advanced Encryption settings are selected at sign up. These levels are considered to be zero-knowledge. If a user selects the Simple Encryption setting during account sign up, this is not considered to be zero-knowledge. 


What happens if I lose my RSA keys?

Because Tapeke is designed with the utmost consideration for account privacy and security, it is the user’s responsibility to always maintain control of their login credentials. If you lose your RSA keys, your Tapeke account and its data are unrecoverable.

Do I need to use my RSA keys every time I login?

Right now, you only need to input your RSA keys the first time you login to each new device or browser. Once logged in, your device or browser will store its specific RSA key for later logins. Of course, if you delete your browser’s stored data, you will need your RSA keys to login again.


Can you restore my account?

Users who select the Simple Encryption setting upon signing up are afforded the convenience of Tapeke being able to reset a password upon request in the event of a forgotten or stolen password. 

Account Management

How many public addresses can I add to my Tapeke account?

In the current Beta version there is no limit. When Tapeke is developed further, we may provide a paid membership model to support unlimited addresses, but that’s something that still needs to be defined.


Can I send and receive funds using Tapeke?

No, Tapeke is not a wallet and we don’t store user funds. Tapeke helps you keep all your wallets in one place so that you - and only you! - can see the whole of your Bitcoin activity. 


Is Tapeke compatible with multi-signature addresses?

Yes! Tapeke works with both standard and multisig public addresses.

Which wallets are compatible with Tapeke?

Any wallet with which you control both the public and private keys is compatible with Tapeke. Providers like Blockchain, Mycelium, Electrum, Armory, KryptoKit, Hive, etc. work great. We are also working to integrate tipping services, exchanges, and other third party services as soon as possible.


Can I use Tapeke to keep track of my cold storage addresses?

Absolutely! Tapeke is perfect for managing your cold storage addresses. 


What does Tapeke do with the emails I add to contacts in my Contacts List?

It’s just for you. With the zero-knowledge privacy options, Tapeke cannot read your data.