Tapeke is a 100% native bitcoin startup, made possible by a bunch of funny people!

Tapeke, Inc. tapeke.com

Nicolò M. Lazzarin Founder & CEO

Aaron Quinn Creative Designer

Nate Strauser Technical Consultant

Will Pangman Advisor

Jinnie Yang Full-Stack Developer

James Wilson Advisor

Matthew Davis Full-Stack Developer

Francesco Matteini Advisor

10Clouds sp. z o.o. 10clouds.com

Michal Klujszo CTO

Agata Tyśnicka Developer

Michal Jarco Senior Developer

Mykhalio Karaim Developer

Michał Kawalec Senior Software Engineer

Adam Lawcewicz Project Manager

Kuba Tuscher Project Manager

Barbara Pietraszewska UX Designer

Paweł Chojnacki Developer

Marta Sztybor Front-end Developer


We don't need a bank!

Each of us are intensely enthusiastic about cryptocurrency. We’re convinced this stuff is going to change the world!

Development of Tapeke is fully funded with Bitcoin, and all team members’ salaries are paid in Bitcoin.
Tapeke is a 100% unbanked startup!

We are striving to provide a product that is just as magnificent as the community we hope it can serve. 

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