We're making day-to-day Bitcoin use fun and easy.

Easy on the eyes

We made Tapeke with everyone in mind. It’s simple enough for beginners, but loaded with tools for the pros. You can use Tapeke to do accounting for your business, manage household budgets, or just keep track of all your wallets so your $7mm hard drive doesn't end up in a landfill.

Get deep insights

Face it, with Bitcoin we’re all living in the future. People in the future need stats and charts to feed their robots and analyze their Bitcoin activity. Alphanumeric strings are useful, but they’re not very tasty. Use Tapeke to generate the data visualizations you need for peace of mind. Your robots will never go hungry.


Make your own history

So, you got some BTC and promptly became a king or queen. Congratulations! But, your kingdom is a mess. Organize your transaction histories however you like with categories, labels, and contacts. How did you keep anything in order before Tapeke?


Zero-Knowledge Privacy

We can’t read your account data, and neither can anyone else!

Custom Categories

Tapeke is highly configurable, because you’re one of a kind.


View your bitcoin balances in the denomination and national currency of your choice.

Public Keys Only

Because the whole point of Bitcoin is to finally, actually control your own money. What a concept!

Link Contacts

As cool as hashes and merkle roots are, sometimes it’s just nice to see a familiar name.

Multiple Wallets

Ever forgotten about an old wallet? View all of your wallets in one happy place. Hooray, Tapeke!

Tapeke! (tdah-PEE-key)

A Maori word meaning "total," "balance," or "sum of all leaving none behind."
We are working on some other useful features, such as...

Exporter Tool

Create custom views of transaction histories and reports related to a particular bitcoin address or a group of addresses during a specific timeframe. Export files in these formats: CSV, PDF, and XLS.


Better Category Management

We are working on giving you the ability to manage your categories transaction by transaction, instead of just selecting the default category in the settings of a given wallet.


Mixed Transaction Awareness

If you use mixed or obfuscated transactions (CoinJoin, SharedCoin, etc.), Tapeke will be capable of tracking those for you too. Your most complex bookkeeping tasks done for you, automatically and privately.


Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is our favorite cryptocurrency, but we love altcoins as well. Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, Darkcoin, Counterparty assets, and of course Dogecoin (and more!) are in the pipeline.



You’ll be able to set budgets for any of your categories, which can watch for incoming and outgoing transactions and help keep you within spending limits you define. It’s important to have specific financial goals over the short term as well as long term.

Integration with Exchanges

Using the APIs of popular exchanges, Tapeke will automatically track your trades with services like Coinbase, Bitstamp, Kraken, and others.


Notes & Attachments

You’ll be able to add your own private metadata to all your transactions. Use Tapeke to safely store invoices, personal notes, or other records related to your financial life.


Trading Portfolio

Tapeke will provide a price index and some tools to help you track your trading activity. We want to enable you to deeply understand and scrutinize your investment behavior.


Mining Dashboard

Keep track of all your mining activity across multiple pools and cloud mining services. Mining is a difficult and competitive market, we try to make it beautiful.


Cost-Basis Tracking & Reports

Depending on the tax laws in your homeland, tracking buy and sell prices of your bitcoins is an arduous task that so far has been done manually. Well, soon Tapeke will be your accountant’s best friend. Create automatic reports to reflect your capital gains and losses using multiple reporting methods (FIFO, LIFO, etc).


All of the above will be implemented in a zero-knowledge environment, which protects your private data from being shared with anyone.

Read more about how we protect your data